The Heads or Tails Game

September 19, 2010

Heads or Tails

This live event game is something that is simple and easy for anyone to participate in. You will find it being played at a number of live auctions as well as a gala or other non-profit events.

It gets people up onto their feet and moving for a few minutes – and gives all participants a chance at a great prize.

The easiest way to do this is mention it as people are arriving, either at check-in or with a couple of volunteers walking around with a handful of plastic wrist bands. You can also give each person who wants to play a raffle ticket – although I think that can confuse people.

At check-in, guests are told we’ll be playing the game at the beginning of the live auction (for a live auction event). Would they like to play, for just an additional $10 donation? Mention the value of the prize – if you have the right prize, it will be a “no brainer” decision on their part. Just add the $10 to their bill. Otherwise, you can check them in, and once inside, a volunteer or two have bright colored wrist bands to give each guest who wants to play – and they capture their bidder number onto a sheet, or collect the cash donation (not recommended) and bring that information to the clerks/cashiers.


The “at the table strategy” –

People at each table decide if they want to participate or not, and if so, they put their bidder number / name on a large, lined envelope that is in the center of the table. This gets quickly passed around the table. Line by line, people put their name and bid number down. Emcee checks if everyone has written down their bidder number to participate.

In advance, you’ve set a dollar suggested donation per player, such as $10, or $20, depending on the value of the prize and the type of crowd. People pay at checkout, or if an informal luncheon, they can just drop their check or bills into the envelope going around the table.

You might want to think about nominating a representative from each table to make sure that no one cheats!

Emcee prepares to flip a coin from the front of the room

But first – everyone stands up and the Emcee asks to choose whether they wish to be “heads”(indicated by putting their hands on their head) or “tails” (indicated by putting their hands on their rear end).

Emcee tosses the coin, and the result announced – “Heads!” or “Tails!” All those who did not select that choice sit down and this continues until you are left with only two or three finalists.

If three people left, two must choose the same, and one chooses the other option. If two finalists, one must choose heads and one must choose tails. No matter how big the room, this process does not take more than a few minutes and 6-7 tosses typically. With a small crowd it will go quicker – and no matter how many play, assuming the prize was donated, this becomes another way to raise funds at your non-profit event.

You are left with a “WINNER!!” – it is exciting – and the winner WINS the item that was donated for this – often a $100 or $200 gift card that has broad appeal, or other item with broad appeal so that more people will choose to participate.

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